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Dr. Orvin, owner of two state of the art dental practices, founded Productive Dental Assisting (PDA) as a small intimate Dental Assisting School to teach, develop and help motivate students interested in the great field of Dentistry. We co-located our school and one of our dental practices together for a very important reason. This provides a fun learning atmosphere where 8 to 10 students at a time, can get both instructional and hands on training in an actual dental office.


Graduate in

only 10 weeks taught

2 nights per week!

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A few reasons to Choose PDA over the"others"

PDA is Owned and Operated by a Dentist in conjunction with a Dental Office

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PDA is Only 10 Weeks and graduates with all necessary certifications including
-CPR certifcation-
-Radiology certification-
-PDA Diploma-

Best Curriculum for Dental Assisting 

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Comes with exclusive
access to Elsevier Dental
Assisting portal

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Students Love Productive Dental Assisting

Dr. Orvin and PDA provide an environment for learning the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for professional practice. Program curriculum is based upon biological, physical, behavioral, dental sciences, and general studies. The program promotes self-directed and service learning for personal and professional growth and development. It serves as a foundation for continued learning in an ever-changing field of dentistry.

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We developed the course to be short, only 10 weeks, taught 2 nights a week. If you are working at a job you don’t like or earn enough money at, we enable you to gain the skills and certifications you need to switch to your new and exciting Dental Assisting career, making great money, while enjoying the satisfaction of serving others. We intentionally offer our course at a very affordable price. For example, several local college Dental Assisting courses charges $20,000 to $30,000 and their program takes 1year or longer to complete. Our PDA course provides an affordable fast-track for you to gain the confidence, skills, certificates and experience you need to quickly start your new career. Our courses are VERY affordable and available in English or Spanish. 

Come and join us.

You’ll be glad you did.

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